Legal Eagle Paralegals


  • Petitions for divorce forms starting at $39.00
  • Modification of child support, time sharing, alimony forms starting at $99.00
  • Restraining order forms  including response and modification starting at $99.00
  • Qualified domestic relations order  forms to divide ira's and retirement accounts starting at $250.00
  • Small claims forms  up to a $5,000.00 claim only $75.00
  • Form your business corporation, llc., forms within an hour starting at $39.00
  • Application forms for non-profit corporations, irs 501(c)(3) starting at $199.00
  • Act as registered agent for your business, yearly only $100.00
  • Power of attorney general, durable, limited, health care forms starting at $25.00
  • Seal or expunge criminal record forms starting at $75.00
  • Answer forms to debt collections letters starting at $25.00
  • Answer forms to debt collection lawsuits starting at $50.00
  • Foreclosure answer forms to lawsuits $100.00
  • Affidavit forms, starting at $25.00
  • Demand letter forms  for whatever your needs are $25.00
  • Custom letter forms for whatever your needs are $25.00
  • Garnishment, and answers to garnishment forms $100.00
  • Evictions, and answers to notice of eviction forms $100.00
  • Contract forms for whatever your needs are, beginning at $25.00
  • Will forms beginning at $25.00
  • Living will forms $25.00
  • Quit claim deed forms $49.00
  • Warranty deed forms $49.00
  • Unlawful detainer removal forms, federal, starting at $100.00
  • Prenuptial and post-nuptual agreement forms $100.00
  • Real estate contract forms starting at $50.00
  • Custom legal documents and forms for all your needs
  • Foreign language translation and document/form preparation available
  • If you don't see  forms for your area, please call and talk to a paralegal/nonlawyer


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Paralegals and legal assistants are not lawyers and cannot appear in court for you or represent you.  We always recommend people consult a member of
the state bar of florida.  We will prepare forms as directed by an attorney.  If you need an attorney, call the state bar of florida at (800) 342-8011, or click the
link below.

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